The APMEN Fellowship Program

The APMEN Fellowship Program was launched on World Malaria Day in April 2010. The aim of the Fellowship Program is to equip the next generation of leaders and health workers from low and middle-income malaria-endemic regions with the tools and training to guide malaria elimination in the critical coming decades. The Fellowship Program is also designed to strengthen the exchanges and lesson sharing among Country Partners and Partner Institutions in the region.

APMEN Fellowships provide capacity building opportunities for short-term field work, professional development and advanced training in issues and techniques that are important to malaria elimination but not customarily available in the recipient’s home country. The skills and knowledge acquired by the Fellow through the program will benefit the National Malaria Control Program of the Fellows’ home country through the sharing of their learning’s and newfound expertise. Fellowships are also aimed to help promote cooperation and exchange of scientific knowledge relating to Malaria elimination between APMEN Country Partners. Fellows are expected to meet a high standard of performance and take independent initiative to engage with the resources available in the site of their Fellowship and with their host mentor.

  •          Up to 5 Fellowships will be awarded each year.
  •          Fellows must be from an APMEN Country Partner and endorsed by their National Malaria Control Program.
  •          Fellowships must be completed within a 1-3 month period.

If you have any questions in relation to the Fellowship Program, please contact the APMEN Secretariat at

New APMEN Fellowship Report launched

The Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN) is happy to announce the release of a new report – The APMEN Fellowship Program: Supporting future leaders in malaria elimination 2009-2014.

The report is available for download here. (PDF, 7,412KB)

The APMEN Fellowship Program: Supporting future leaders in malaria elimination 2009-2014 outlines the key achievements of the first five years of the APMEN Fellowship program, which has become the Network’s flagship capacity building activity. 

APMEN Fellowship Program 2014 Recipients announced

The 2014 APMEN Fellowship Program applications have been reviewed, and the Fellowship Committee is happy to announce 5 APMEN Fellowships, as well as a joint fellowship, awarded to the following seven recipients:

  • Duoquan Wang (China) - To promote malaria elimination in Yunnan Province. 
  • Dechen Pemo (Bhutan) - Training on biochemical techniques to detect insecticide resistance mechanisms and monitoring in malaria vectors, Bhutan. See an overview of her achievements here.
  • Nguyen Xuan Thang (Vietnam) - To develop and coordinate operational research that will establish model of malaria post for malaria control and surveillance in among mobile people and migrant in high endemic communes in Vietnam.
  • Indeewarie Eranga Gunaratna (Sri Lanka) – Communications strategies for promoting health programmes and disseminating important health messages for malaria elimination, and to develop skills to train more effective trainers and facilitators in terms of training preparation, planning, delivery and evaluation of training programmes carried out in relation to communication.
  • Patchara Sriwichai (Thailand) - In-depth data analysis and (mathematical) modeling of entomological, ecological and human interactions that affect to malaria transmission in the endemic area along Thai-Myanmar border.
  • Im Song Guk & Kim Pyong Chol (Democratic Republic of Korea, joint fellowship) - To learn tools and approaches to case detection and treatment in elimination setting. Specifically, 1. to learn knowledge and skills on key profiles for reactive based case detection, 2. to learn knowledge and skills on PCR based genotyping and building isolates bank and 3. to learn methodology and skills on drug resistance based on PCR corrected results.

Congratulations to the successful recipients! APMEN looks forward to seeing the capactiy for malaria elimination in the region strengthned by their efforts.

APMEN is proud to present the past Fellowship Program recipients

*Please click on the name of each recipient to download their profile in pdf

2013 APMEN Thematic Fellowship Program

2012 APMEN Fellowship Program

2011 APMEN Fellowship Program

2010 APMEN Fellowship Program

  Further information on the APMEN Fellowship Program Committee representatives can be viewed here

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