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National Strategic Plans of APMEN Country Partners



Lao People's Democratic Republic

Republic of Korea

The Solomon Islands

Sri Lanka


Please note: A number of APMEN Country Partners are currently updating and revising their National Strategic Plans for malaria elimination.  As these National Strategic Plans become available, they will be uploaded to the APMEN website.

(UPDATED) APMEN Country Partner Strategy and Intervention Matrices

Since the beginning of APMEN in 2009, APMEN Country Partners have sought to understand the malaria elimination activities of their neighbors. The APMEN Matrix is a user-friendly tool designed to add to the current body of knowledge on malaria control strategies and interventions in the Asia Pacific region, serving as a departure point for various projects and reports.

The matrices are based on secondary data from national strategic plans for elimination, presentations, materials shared at APMEN annual business and technical meetings, and other publicly available documents. Following the collation of this information, each Country Partner reviewed the content for accuracy. APMEN intends to update these matrices as national malaria programmes advance and new strategies evolve.

If you have any questions in relation to the APMEN Matrix please contact the APMEN Secretariat at apmen@sph.uq.edu.au

*2013 Update



*Democratic People's Republic of Korea




*The Philippines

Republic of Korea  

Solomon Islands

*Sri Lanka 



Please note: A number of APMEN Country Partner Matrices are still being finalised.  As these become available, they will be uploaded to the APMEN website.

Other Country Resources

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