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APMEN: Community Engagement for Malaria Elimination Workshop

Chiang Mai, Thailand – November 22-24, 2011

The purpose of this workshop is to draw from current Country Partner examples and historical lessons to explore options for scalable models of community engagement for malaria elimination (national / regional).  It is anticipated that the key outputs will be:

  1. Identification of training needs for capacity building in the design of national frameworks for community engagement in malaria elimination.
  2. Identification of a research agenda for the development of the evidence base to support scalable models of community engagement in malaria elimination.
  3. Develop an action plan for the establishment of a ‘Centre for Competence in Community Engagement’ in the Asia-Pacific region that will work towards a global consensus on good practice guidelines for community engagement in malaria elimination.  This centre would provide guidance and support for building community engagement into future Global Fund applications.
  4. Agreement to collate a compendium of examples of community engagement presented at the workshop by country partners.

This workshop is being held in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, and the World Health Organization South-East Asia Region and Western Pacific Region.

Please click on the below links to view the following material:

-> Workshop Meeting Notes

-> Workshop Agenda and Presentations

-> Workshop Photos

Additional Workshop Links: Daily summaries of the Workshop were kindly provided by Prof William Brieger of the Malaria Matters blog, and can be viewed here.


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